Evening Game

Gartshore Road, Glasgow, G66 5LW, United Kingdom,Area 66 Paintball and Airsoft
Posted on 20/09/2022 / 11
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Location : United Kingdom
Date : 30/09/2022
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Evening Game

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Début de l’event : 2022-09-30 20:00:00
Fin de l’event : 2022-10-01 00:00:00

£20 cash on the day.


No strobes

No green lasers

IR light and lasers to be used sparingly if pointed at someone due to potential eye damage.

No spamming the trees with rounds in the hopes you randomly hit someone. It’s poor play!

Full auto engagement distance of 25m. If you’re unsure if you’re at that distance just go with semi.

A red light will be supplied to show when you are dead. Keep this visible on you while dead.

Use low light to guide you if needed to get you back to spawn, don’t light up your surrounding area as it might give away players positions.

Please pay attention and keep an ear out for endex.

Be aware of your surroundings and footing.

Watch your shots aren’t overkill.

Take your hits. You might think because it’s dark people won’t see you being hit but both players in game and marshals may be using night vision.

Don’t be a dick.

Kit recommended for night games.

Good ankle support boots.

A torch with spare batteries and a spare torch if possible.

A small torch that you can use to help you see going back to spawn(head torch is recommended)

Wrap up as it can get cold on night games with the temp going down and you moving slower.

Drinks, tea, coffee and pot noodles available on site.

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